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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Full Range of Agency Services

  • Full Vessel Entrance and Exit Clearance

  • Arrange Load / Discharge Surveys

  • Customs Clearance and Delivery of Ship Spares

  • Bunkering Coordination and  Permitting

  • Vessel Attendance during Dry Docking and Repairs

  • Attendance to crew changes and delivery of Cash to Master

  • Arrange Cargo Superintendents/ Port Captains Provides

  • Protective Agency services and P&I advice

  • Securing of MARINA Exemption Certificate and Customs Conversion

  • Ship Chandling

  • Vessel Change Crew Processing


Custom Brokerage

Trion Port Services Inc. believes that timely and expeditious release of shipments, local or international,  are critical to one’s business. We are responsible for knowing all of these rules and regulations and ensuring that they are followed, in order to streamline the process of your shipping goods as much as possible . We act on behalf of importers and exporters and ensure that their goods get through customs channels quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers by providing them with excellent and a more personal customer service. Our ultimate goal is simple: to satisfy the needs and to fulfill the wishes of every customer. Our veteran  customs specialists offer a variety of brokerage services to meet the changing needs of importers and exporters. They are well-versed in the industry and are very aware that for every product imported in the country and every commodity shipped to other countries, there are hundred pages of customs regulations and hundreds more of tariff items that need to be considered. They are involved in every stage of the clearance process and are very cognizant of time constraints with prompt delivery schedule in mind.

Port Terminal Management

Trion Port Services Inc. also offer Port Terminal Management to any Government and Private ports , to keep their ports organized, supervised, and functioning. We offer stevedoring, arrastre and logistics services. 


Stevedoring services means services for the loading and unloading of cargo transported or to be transported on vessels and other craft and the handling of lines of vessels and other craft, at any ports


Arrastre services means A person/entity who/which performs portside cargo handling operations, e.g. receiving, handling, custody, security and delivery of cargo passing over piers, quays or wharves, transit sheds/warehouses and open storages within the jurisdictional area of responsibility of the authorized contractor/operator.


Logistics services means coordinate transportation services and keep the products flowing smoothly.

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